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Press Release


Nordstrom’s Automotive Inc. has been selected as a Government authorized disposal facility for the End of life Vehicles as part of the “Cash for Clunkers” Program

Nordstrom’s Involvement in the ELVS (End of Life Vehicle Solutions) Program and NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System) gives them the credentials to be an authorized dismantler for the CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System.)

Garretson, SD, July 24, 2009:  Nordstrom’s Auto Recycling of Rural Garretson, SD is eager to work with area New Car Dealers to properly dispose of vehicles they receive as part of the federal Government’s CARS program.  Nordstrom’s will be using their normal Certified Auto Recycler Standards to assure compliance in the removal of harmful environmental pollutants from the retired vehicles. The staff at Nordstrom’s will assure that the oil, gasoline, refrigerant, tires, switches containing mercury, Antifreeze and certain Lead containing items are removed and disposed of properly. Nordstrom’s is proud to do their part to carry out the disposal and assure compliance for all parties involved.  Nordstrom’s will document all of its activities with their involvement in the NMVTIS database. This is the mandatory system that tracks the title and vehicle history for all ends of life and Insurance company salvage vehicles.   The NMVTIS system was originally authorized as part of the Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992. Art and Marie Nordstrom were involved in that legislation at that time. The NMVTIS system was recently funded, and technology has just now brought the system to reality.

When we start to receive clunkers, Nordstrom’s invites you to our clean and modern facility to follow the path of a clunker to its proper resting place.


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